About the Space Training Catalogue

The Space Training Catalogue is a project of the Space Skills Alliance. We provide data, analysis, and expert advice on space skills, training, and recruitment. The initial funding for our research into training opportunities was provided by Catena Space, and further funding has been provided by the UK Space Agency.

The opportunities listed here are accurate to the best of our knowledge. We can’t vouch for quality, but we try to only include opportunities from reputable organisations. If we’re listing something that’s not good quality please let us know.

Some opportunities listed have passed. They’re included because the providers are very often willing to run the same training again when there is sufficient demand.

If you have training opportunities you would like us to include, you can submit them via our form.

If a training course you run is included and you’d like it to be removed or updated, drop us a line at training@spaceskills.org and we’ll deal with it promptly.