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    The evolving Universe

    MOOC (Online) by Open University · Free · Current

    The Big Bang is said to be the origin of our Universe. This free course, The evolving Universe, will help you to comprehend what happened in the moments immediately after the Big Bang and during the initial cooling period. You will also gain an understanding of how this event turned in to the Universe we live in today.

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    Introduction to active galaxies

    MOOC (Online) by Open University · Free · Current

    The field of active galaxies is recognised as one of increasing importance. But how do we know there are different kinds of galaxy? What are active galaxies? How are they powered? This free course, Introduction to active galaxies, examines the different types of active galaxies and looks at the crucial role of the active galactic nucleus and the energy source at its heart.

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    Certificate in Cosmology

    Course (Online) by University of Central Lancashire · £975 · Current

    Gain an informed view of concepts in cosmology with this cosmology course, without recourse to complex mathematics in your study. Learn about the beginning of the Universe including the creation of extremely small elementary particles and the processes that led to the formation of the very large structures seen today.

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