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    Space Medicine Course

    Workshop (Exeter) by University of Exeter and World Extreme Medicine · £200 · Current

    Space medicine is an incredibly exciting frontier that pushes the boundaries of extreme physiology and medicine further than we ever thought possible! In partnership with the University of Exeter and NASA Astronaut Kjell Lindgren we will bring space medicine to life on Earth. As a participant, you’ll gain career-elevating knowledge in extreme medicine specialties like aerospace medicine, physiology, human performance science, and more. Secure your spot for this out of th

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    Executive Space Course - Medicines in Space

    Short course (Oxford and Online) by Metavisionaries and International Space University (ISU) · €3900 (~£3322) · Current

    The first worldwide Executive Space Medicine Course to be delivered on-site and in the Metaverse! Focusing on how medicine is practised in space and the effects of the space environment on humans who live and work in space.

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    Space Medicine

    Short course (Online) by Space Economy Academy · €180 (~£153) · Current

    Learn the impacts on the human beings while living in space, from a physical point of view, but also psychological.

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    Space Medicine

    MOOC (Online) by Coursera and Duke University · Free · Current

    Have you ever wondered what it would take for humans to travel beyond the comforts of our home planet, Earth? You are invited to join us in Space Medicine - an online experience facilitated by two recent Duke graduates in which you will learn about and engage in the most pressing medical challenges facing NASA and others advancing the future of space exploration. Space Medicine is a free, non-certificate course featuring interactive modules and weekly live discussions. Participants will reflect on questions pertinent to the future of human health in space, such as: - How do humans respond to extreme environments? - How can engineers, doctors, and scientific researchers come together to prevent space related health issues before they occur? - If future generations of humans attempt to live in space, what challenges will they face? - Which evolutionary adaptations to living on Earth are useful to surviving a months- or years-long voyage? No prior experience in science or medicine is required, as life science concepts will be introduced as necessary. At the end of the course, you will have gained valuable experience in applying modern medicine to space-based situations, from space flight to journeying to Mars.

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    Space and Aviation Medicine

    Short course (Exeter) by University of Exeter · £35 · Past

    Explore a variety of aerospace medicine topics, including the growth of commercial space flight and an exploration of the clinical problems that spaceflight presents to human beings

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