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    Climate Data Records from Satellites: A Metrological Approach

    MOOC (Online) by National Physical Laboratory (NPL) · Free · Current

    This one-day e-learning course provides a structured approach to metrology to support fundamental climate data products from satellites. The course provides a step-by-step guide to considering the uncertainties and error correlation structures associated with satellite Earth observation data. The focus is on the level 1 products of passive radiometric sensors, though the core principles also apply to active sensors and to level 2 and higher-level products generated from a metrologically-rigorous level 1 product

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    Climate data analysis with python

    Short course (Online) by UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology · £99 · Current

    This on-demand course has 11 sessions with 6 exercises and 14 videos. It is an introductory level course to help you plot, manipulate and analyse NetCDF climate data using python. The course focuses on gridded climate model outputs. You can easily extend the concepts and techniques taught to other forms of NetCDF data (e.g. observations). Requirements: The total learning time is approximately one day.

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    Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space

    MOOC (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) · Free · Current

    Extensive time-series on vegetation and wealth of operational satellites from space provides ample opportunities to monitor vegetation developments and more and more accurate yield forecast. This MOOC provides an introduction to “Droughts”, answers questions on how it can be quantified, how it can be assessed and monitored from space. The role of cloud computing and (easy) access to satellite will also get attention. No prior knowledge to Earth Observation (EO) is required. The MOOC provides a ‘smooth’ introduction for agricultural scientist, water resources specialist and others who are interested in water and food security and the role EO plays nowadays related to this theme. Every week a new set of movie and short quizzes will be released. The MOOC will be open till the end of November 2022.

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    Understanding Climate Change using Satellite Data

    MOOC (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) and University of Twente · Free · Current

    Explore cutting-edge technology and learn how to analyse satellite climate data to help measure and mitigate climate change.

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    Climate Geospatial Analysis on Python with Xarray

    Resource (Online) by Coursera · Free · Current

    By the end of this project, you will be able to load, visualize, manipulate and perform both simple and grouped operations over geospatial multidimensional data through Xarray and Python. We'll explore an dataset containing temperature, vegetation density and total precipitation over the Brazilian Amazon for the 1979-2019 period while the concepts are developed. This will enable the learner to handle and extract knowledge from complex datasets such as the ones from satellite and climate re-analysis observations.

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    Monitoring Climate from Space

    MOOC (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) · Free · Current

    An introduction to our planet from space and how Earth observation is used to monitor climate change

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    Copernicus YouTube Channel

    Resource (Online) by Copernicus · Free · Current

    Training videos, presentations, and demonstrations on the Copernicus programme

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