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    Leveraging Earth Observation (EO) Data and Cloud Computing for Disaster Risk Management

    MOOC (Online) by AI.Geolabs · Free · Current

    The UN report that extreme weather and climate events are projected to increase over decades. Scientists warn that the frequency of cyclones and heavy storms, on the one hand, and the intensity of droughts and wildfires, on the other hand, will likely increase globally. Furthermore, the power of weather- and climate-related disasters will also increase economic losses that affect the poor and marginalized communities. Therefore, there is a need to understand the spatial and inter-annual variability of natural disasters and the population’s exposure to disaster risk. For example, information on the spatial extent of an event and the degree of destruction is critical in supporting emergency response, recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction.

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    Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space

    MOOC (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) · Free · Current

    Extensive time-series on vegetation and wealth of operational satellites from space provides ample opportunities to monitor vegetation developments and more and more accurate yield forecast. This MOOC provides an introduction to “Droughts”, answers questions on how it can be quantified, how it can be assessed and monitored from space. The role of cloud computing and (easy) access to satellite will also get attention. No prior knowledge to Earth Observation (EO) is required. The MOOC provides a ‘smooth’ introduction for agricultural scientist, water resources specialist and others who are interested in water and food security and the role EO plays nowadays related to this theme. Every week a new set of movie and short quizzes will be released. The MOOC will be open till the end of November 2022.

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    Land in Focus – Hazards & Disasters

    MOOC (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) and EO College · Free · Current

    Welcome to the ‘Hazards and Disasters’ online courses. In the three MOOCs which are part of it, we will take a closer look at how remote sensing can answer essential questions related to the emergency response that is needed during hazardous events. Thus, disaster management heavily relies on remotely sensed data and their prompt processing in order to support decisions that can a) estimate the extent of a (natural) disaster and b) save lives by scientifically justifiable choices. In the three lessons of this course, we will present different applications of remotely sensed data for disaster monitoring to you. At first, we will take a look at droughts, then dive into mapping flood extents using an interactive cloud-based approach before ending our course with the monitoring of fire hazards.

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    Remote Sensing of Wildfires

    MOOC (Online) by edX · Free · Current

    Learn how satellite imagery and the science of remote sensing allows us to detect wildfires, help manage their spread, and guide ecological restoration.

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    GIS Image Analysis in ArcGIS Pro

    MOOC (Online) by edX · Free · Current

    Learn fundamentals of remote sensing, image analysis, image processing and its application to real-world problems such as changing water bodies, vegetation health, and wildfire severity.

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    Analysing Changing Multi-Hazard Risk 2

    Course (Netherlands) by ITC (University of Twente) · €1116 (~£950) · Past

    Training on how to conduct a quantitative multi-hazard risk assessment, how the risk components (hazards, elements-at-risk and vulnerability) can be obtained, and how risk information can be used in risk reduction planning

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    Your Business Powered by Space - Space for Flooding Monitoring

    Seminar (Online) by GRACE (University of Nottingham) · Free · Past

    We are pleased to invite you to our first seminar in the 'Your Business Powered by Space' series. On January 20th, we will hear from Cristina Vrinceanu and Vivek Agarwal about the possibilities offered by radar satellite data for flood monitoring.

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    Hurricane Tracking with Satellite Data

    MOOC (Online) by University of Strathclyde and FutureLearn · Free · Current

    On this course, you’ll explore the key concepts of data science required to process, analyse, and interpret large datasets. You’ll use tutorials and case studies to understand the possibilities within these datasets, and learn how to interpret satellite data beyond the course.

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    Catastrophe Modelling

    MOOC (Online) by OASIS and Imperative Space · Free · Current

    In this course, we will introduce you to catastrophe modelling and the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, and show you how you can use Oasis tools

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    IV ESA EARSEL CNR School: Remote Sensing for Forest Fires

    Workshop (Spain) by European Space Agency (ESA) · Free · Past

    Hand on training on of optical and radar sensors for fire hazard estimation, including as Self Organized Maps and Machine Learning

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    Analysing Changing Multi-Hazard Risk 1

    Short course (Netherlands) by ITC (University of Twente) · €669 (~£570) · Past

    Training on how to conduct a quantitative multi-hazard risk assessment, how the risk components (hazards, elements-at-risk and vulnerability) can be obtained, and how risk information can be used in risk reduction planning

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    Copernicus YouTube Channel

    Resource (Online) by Copernicus · Free · Current

    Training videos, presentations, and demonstrations on the Copernicus programme

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