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    Cubes & Clouds

    MOOC (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) and EO College · Free · Current

    This course teaches the concepts of data cubes, cloud platforms, and open science in the context of earth observation.

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    Beyond the Visible – EnMAP data access and image preprocessing techniques

    MOOC (Online) by EO College and European Space Agency (ESA) · Free · Current

    In this course, you will learn the principles of hyperspectral image preprocessing and how this workflow is reflected in EnMAP products, get to know the German hyperspectral mission EnMAP in much more detail, and see how you can access EnMAP data, and order new acquisitions. No matter if you are a student or a professional or whatever continent you are from, this course was designed for you and we hope to provide some helpful background information, process understanding and guidance on how to access the world as seen by EnMAP.

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    Transforming Environmental Data in R

    Short course (Online) by UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology · £549 · Current

    This 2-day interactive online course will help you understand the benefits of data transformation tools (such as R). The course also includes an "Introduction to R" session for those not familiar with the software.

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    EO Imager Design

    Short course (Guildford) by SSTL · POA · Current

    The course gives the core fundamental knowledge to be able to understand the design of Earth Observation instruments and the processing of their data. It talks about optical, mechanical and electronic aspects of the EO imager design.

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    ArcGIS for Spatial Analysis

    Workshop (Online, Bristol, and Bath) by NobleProg · £2400-3200 · Current

    This instructor-led, live training in Bristol (online or onsite) is aimed at field ecologists and conservation managers who wish to create data spatial projects in ArcGIS. By the end of this training, participants will be able to: - Output spatial data as visualizations. - Conduct geostatics on actual data. - Implement spatial data analysis, data processing, and mapping with ArcGIS. - Analyze spatial data for projects in ArcGIS.

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    GIS Image Analysis in ArcGIS Pro

    MOOC (Online) by edX · Free · Current

    Learn fundamentals of remote sensing, image analysis, image processing and its application to real-world problems such as changing water bodies, vegetation health, and wildfire severity.

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    Hyperspectral Earth Observation, data processing and training course

    Seminar (Online) by National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) · Free · Current

    An online training course for PhD students and early stage researchers developed by NCEO scientists.

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    GPS and DGPS Operation for Engineers and Technical Professionals: Principles, Technology, Applications and DGPS concepts

    Short course (Online) by NavtechGPS · $2899 (~£2277) · Current

    This five-day course offers a comprehensive introduction to GPS and DGPS technology, system concepts, design, operation, implementation and applications, including detailed information on the GPS signal, receiver processing, and the techniques by which GPS obtains position, velocity and time.  This course builds on Course 346 by adding a full day of Differential GPS and two additional hours of Kalman filtering.

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    End-to-End Google Earth Engine

    Resource (Online) by Spatial Thoughts · Free · Current

    Google Earth Engine is a cloud-based platform that enables large-scale processing of satellite imagery to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface. This course covers the full range of topics in Earth Engine to give the participants practical skills to master the platform and implement their remote sensing projects.

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    Applied GNSS and Geodesy

    Course (Glasgow) by University of Glasgow · POA · Current

    This course introduces Applied Geodesy and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), with a focus on positioning - including hands-on practical experience of collecting and processing data. It also details co-ordinate reference systems and gives an overview of other satellite geodesy techniques.

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    Resource (Online and Plymouth) by NEODAAS · POA · Current

    NEODAAS staff are able to offer advice on a wide range of topics related to Earth Observation and AI, from choosing the best sensors and algorithms for your area of interest and assistance interpreting data to practical advice on data processing, including optimising algorithms to run on large datasets. We do this through one-to-one training and by organising our own training courses and contributing sessions to other programs. Additionally, NEODAAS staff often participate in outreach activities to help train the next generation of EO scientists. Please contact us if you are interested in NEODAAS training or outreach.

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    High Precision GNSS using Post-Processing

    Short course (Newcastle) by University of Newcastle · £650 · Past

    Explore in detail the various GNSS error sources that inhibit precise coordinate determination and examine ways of mitigating these errors using additional data and methods available in post-processing mode

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    Data processing course

    Short course (Spain) by European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) · €1200 (~£1022) · Current

    In the course, you will learn about and practice the most common techniques of raster data processing. Considering wide range of existing sensors, the data that we will focus on are most common commercial, satellite, optical, multispectral or panchromatic sensors such as for example: QuickBird, WorldView, GeoEye, Ikonos or Pleiades.

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    GNSS Survey and Data Processing

    Short course (Varies) by korec · £1650 · Current

    A course designed to provide those new to GNSS survey with a good all round introduction to the background theory, practice issues and the use of GNSS (GPS) technology for installing Control, general topographic surveying and setting out tasks. The course comprises a mix of field work and classroom sessions. FastStatic (post processed), RTK and VRS Now survey methodologies are all utilised within the course. Trimble Business Center provides the data processing environment.

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    Spatial decision support systems

    Course (Netherlands) by ITC (University of Twente) · €1267 (~£1079) · Past

    Introduction to techniques for selecting and processing data to generate meaningful and timely information to support the better management of resources

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    GPS/GNSS Awareness

    Workshop (Birmingham and Varies) by Coordinated Training Services · £280 · Current

    Hands on experience on using GNSS equipment and the processing of the data

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    GIS and QGIS training

    Short course (Bude) by Neetmaps · POA · Current

    Neetmaps offer different levels of GIS training, focussing on QGIS from the basics through to detailed step-by-step instructions on analysis and data processing.

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    Confident Spatial Analysis and Statistics in R & GeoDa

    Short course (London, Liverpool, and Cornwall) by Geospatial Training Solutions · POA · Current

    In this two part course we will show you how to prepare and conduct spatial analysis on a variety of spatial data in R, including a range of spatial overlays and data processing techniques. We will also cover how to use GeoDa to perform exploratory spatial data analysis, including making use of linked displays and measures of spatial autocorrelation and clustering.

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    GNSS Signal Structure and Processing

    Workshop (Nottingham) by GRACE (University of Nottingham) · Free · Past

    Provide a comprehensive review of all the key aspects of Galileo signal structure including signal modulation, coding, data and performance. This will provide participants with a good grounding in not only the fine details of the Galileo signal set but also the reasons behind the signal choices and implications for GNSS receivers.

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