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    Launch Your Space Career Course

    Short course (Online) by Laura Forczyk · $1500 (~£1178) · Current

    Your definitive guide on how to launch your space career and soar to new heights.

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    Executive training for the space sector

    Seminar (Online) by Alden Legal, University of Leicester, and National Space Academy · POA · Current

    Alden Legal and the National Space Academy are excited to be able to offer this unique specialist course, combining trusted legal advice and current insight on regulation and policy with accessible technological expertise and comprehensive knowledge of space sector contexts. This one-day course is a brilliant primer for executives from all backgrounds

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    ESA Learning Hub

    Resource (Online) by European Space Agency (ESA) · Free · Current

    The ESA Learning Hub is a web-based platform which provides access to training courses and materials for industry stakeholders and delegations offered in the frame of ESA programmes and initiatives. It is managed by the SME section in ESA’s Directorate of Commercialisation, Industry and Procurement (D/CIP). The Learning Hub is a central repository for training courses and materials developed in the context of ESA activities which aim to support the development of European industry, complementing industry core knowledge and competences, and, more generally, improve industry competitiveness. The hub can be used by various ESA stakeholders to organise or promote events, training sessions or materials.

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    Master of Space Studies (MSS)

    Course (Strasbourg) by International Space University (ISU) · €25000 (~£21293) · Current

    ISU develops the future leaders of the world space community by providing interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international (3I) educational programs in all relevant space domains through core programs such as the Master’s of Space Studies (MSS) program.

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    ISU Space Resources Professional Course

    Short course (Online and France) by International Space University (ISU) · €500 (~£426) · Past

    A broad overview of the space resources field, including the current knowledge of available resources in the Solar System, identification, collection, extraction, processing, and utilization systems under development, economic and technical feasibility studies, legal and policy issues, and space exploration architectures and commercial ventures that may be enabled by utilizing extraterrestrial resources in the near future

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    Executive Space Course (ESC)

    Course (Varies, Strasbourg, Tel Aviv, and Online) by International Space University (ISU) · €3900 (~£3322) · Past

    The Executive Space Courses (ESC) provide an overview of space and space-related subjects including administration, finance, law, business and management for professionals of diverse backgrounds. The ESC is intended for professionals working in the space sector without a broad space background or professionals currently working outside the space ecosystem that want to develop a better understanding of the rapidly evolving space sector. Executive education can be tailored to specific participants and organizations and is regularly organized by ISU, in person, online or in hybrid mode.

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    Southern Hemisphere SSP (SHSSP)

    Course (Australia) by International Space University (ISU) · $14000 (AUD) (~£10998) · Past

    This intensive five-week program provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the key activities and areas of knowledge required by today’s space professions.

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    Understanding Space 101

    Short course (Online) by KISPE and TSTI · £89 · Current

    Based on the award-winning text Understanding Space: An Introduction to Astronautics, this is the same aeronautics course presented to over 20,000 space professionals from NASA, ESA, US Air Force, and major companies in the space industry.

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    Interactive Space Program

    Course (Online) by International Space University (ISU) · €7500 (~£6388) · Past

    An online interactive opportunity for professional development aimed at university graduates and professionals from any discipline wanting to pursue a careeer in the space sector

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    ISU Executive Space Course

    Short course (Online and France) by International Space University (ISU) · €3750 (~£3194) · Current

    Interactive course exploring the technology, science, business and policies upon which each phase of a space program or mission is based

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    Space Studies Program

    Course (Online, Spain, Varies, and France) by International Space University (ISU) · €9500-18000 (~£8091) · Current

    An intense professional development course including the principal space related fields, both non-technical and technical and ranges from policy and law, business and management and humanities to life sciences, engineering, physical sciences and space applications

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    Understanding Space

    Short course (Online) by TSTI and KISPE · £749 · Current

    This exciting, fast-paced two-day course delivers the “big picture” of space missions from cradle to grave. Understanding Space is the ideal course for technical or non-technical professionals new to the space industry or who need a refresher on the fundamentals.

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